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    Ying LinFa,Chinese industrial art division , Chinese youth Tao Yi  family , Chinese international tea culture study a member.

    Be born in capital of earthenware in 1966 Yi Xing City, accepts earthenware culture edifying and the art affecting , being very fond of ceramics since childhood. The well-known master once guided early years , the technology was consummate. Purple grit of Zhu mud name kettle creating, model is elegant , expert , handicraft simple and unsophisticated are excellent , magical abundant rhyme is enough , long range best-selling Korea Republic , Japan etc. is many country and region. The work creating is rewarded many times once in big exhibitions of home and abroad , has many document fine pieces of writing to be collected by China-foreign collector and. The altitude accepting all sections of the people appreciates work purple new more than 20 grit product depths having announced , created and developed on many family special field magazines such as Taiwan "scope of operation circumference" , "world artist", "purple grit of Chinese" creating.

    Chenshuyun,Industrial art learns from , is born in in 1965 purple grit Tao Yi aristocratic family , self Yi Xing City child to make handicraft to purple grit Tao Yi being imbued with what one had seen and head; Enter the purple grit in 1984 two factories, high-grade industrial art of the succession of teachings from a master to his disciples has learned from Wu Tong Ren , has got the person take the utmost care to guide , has laid a solid art background.

    Whose work is open-minded and magnanimous , exquisitely carved, embody out unique artistic style of author deeply , see that work can embody whose deep thought connotation equally every time.

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